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Most people realise the importance of protecting their skin when out in the sun, but it is just as important that your eyes are protected too. All Kodak Sun Lenses offer at least 99% protection from harmful ultra violet rays which is important because research suggests that daily exposure to ultra violet in bright sunlight over many years can cause cataracts and surface eye damage.

New Kodak Transitions fade as much as three times faster than earlier generations of transitions, always blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays. They reduce glare and eye strain and are so clear at night that they can still be worn for night driving.

Kodak InstaShades™, another photochromic lens, lighten and darken astonishingly fast; they adapt faster and more consistently than most other market-leading photochromic lenses. Kodak InstaShades™ always come in a lightweight thin lens and have a longer life span than many alternatives.

Ordinary sunglasses soften sunlight but do not provide protection from harsh reflected glare. Kodak UVSun Polarised Lenses™ eliminate the white glare and dazzle that bounces off water, snow and glass, providing clearer, more vibrant vision. These are ideal for outdoor activities, from sailing, skiing and fishing, to golfing, cycling and, of course, driving, where glare can even be dangerous.

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