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As well as giving you clear vision, the design and materials used in modern lenses make a big contribution to the flattering appearance of today's spectacles. Highly advanced plastics mean that lenses can be made thinner and lighter than ever before, (even for stronger lenses).

Most lenses have an anti-reflective coating which will virtually eliminate distracting reflections on both sides of the lens – perfect for night driving or when using a computer screen. Best of all, when people look at you, they will see your eyes and not a reflection from the lens.

If you need spectacles that will help you see clearly both close up and far away, you no longer need to have a 'bifocal' line across the lens. Progressive, or varifocal, lenses change gradually from distance strength at the top to reading strength at the bottom.

Most lenses can be supplied in a wide range of tints for comfort, glare, sports, sun and in photochromic material which darkens automatically in bright light.

Montgomery's is backed by Kodak Lens and our practices operate as Kodak Lens Vision Centres, enabling us to offer you a huge range of technologically advanced lens solutions. This gives you access to Kodak Thin & Lite lenses, and Kodak Clean'N'CleAR lens coatings. These are manufactured by Kodak to the same high standards as their world famous camera technology.