Eyecare. We Care.

The NHS in Scotland funds free eye tests, so if you have not had an eye examination within the last two years, call your closest Montgomery Optometrists or email us for an appointment.

We rely on our eyes and on having good eyesight in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Access to information from reading, computers and television depends on clear vision. Life itself can depend on the ability to see clearly when driving or crossing a busy street. Your eyesight is your most important sense and should always be cared for professionally. How would you cope without good eyesight?

At Montgomery's we provide a thorough eye examination with tests to assess the health of your eyes. You may find there is more to it than you expect!

Checks are carried out for glaucoma, colour vision deficiencies, diabetes and other eye disorders. Using our computerised testing systems, we can assess your visual fields for glaucoma in about 30 seconds per eye. That could be one of the most important minutes in your life!

Our retinal imaging systems are right up-to-date. With digital photographic records taken showing the detail of the interior of the eye, a thorough analysis can be undertaken to check everything is normal. These images are then stored as part of your clinical records, enabling comparisons to be made at later visits.

Eye Examination

Your eye examination takes about 30 minutes and includes checking:

  • Your eyesight – by reading letters on a chart.
  • Your outer eye health – by shining a light on the front of your eyes, testing their reaction to light and their health.
  • Your inner eye health – by shining a light into your eyes and asking you to look in different directions.
  • For glaucoma and diabetes – by measuring the pressure in your eyes (if you are over 40 years old).

If you do need glasses, we will check this using the letters and colours on a chart and measure your vision with lenses.

We also offer a screening programme for children with suspected dyslexia (fee chargeable). This can identify a tint that can be added to a child's glasses to help improve any challenges with reading.

Please call us or email us today to arrange your eye examination.